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Underground Mining &

From low surface tunnelling to deepest level mining at 4785 m pewag Tire Protection Chains keep underground operations going. pewag chains are used with a wide range of highly specialized equipment like loaders, shuttle cars, scoops and others, for both protection and traction.



  • low profile equipment from XS to L
  • limited space for chain installation
  • narrow operating space and long driving distance
  • extreme stress and load for the machine, tires and chains
  • difficult equipment and tire maintenance
  • frequent tire failures
  • 24/7 operation


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Underground Mining & Tunneling

country Russia
application copper, nickel
machine scoop R1700
tire dimension 26.5-25
chain type Square Ringstar 16
chain service life 5.000 h

country Chile
application copper
machine scoop ST1810
tire dimension 29.5-29
chain type Square Multistep 16/18S
chain service life est. 7.000
(at present 4.500 h)

country Australia
application gold
machine scoop R2900
tire dimension 29.5-29
chain type Square Compact 18
chain service life est. 4.500 h

country Korea
application limestone
machine wheel loader Volvo L220
tire dimension 29.5-25
chain type Square Granite 16
chain service life at present 3,5 years

country Japan
application tunnel construction
machine wheel loader WA450
tire dimension 23.5-25
chain type Square Duplex Plus 14
chain service life est. 2,5 years